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MV-GodClrdGlssJE_mdIn early spring of 2012, we made some changes to Journey (the Awana Youth Ministry program for high schoolers).

At that time, we posted the news in the following article in FUEL (summer 2012), the youth ministry leader resource (which is now the Youth Ministry Fuel blog.)

We announced the news on the Awana Youth Ministry website.

We sent emails out to Journey leaders and Commanders as well.

Missionaries were asked to share this information with their churches.

The website also carried news of the changes.

Workshops were presented at last fall’s Awana Ministry Conferences so Journey leaders had the opportunity to hear about the changes and ask any questions they might have.

The recommended Bible Quizzing Bible Study is highlighted in the Awana Ministry Catalog each year.

The changes went into effect Fall 2012.

1. Previously we had four Faiths Foundations. Each of these booklets corresponded to the Main Study for the year. Because of their difficulty, they were not true entrance booklets. These books were not so much to welcome new teens as they were to supplement the Main Study itself.

We changed that. Instead of four Faith Foundations, we now have one Faith Foundation. The new booklet is a salvation presentation (similar to our other entrance booklets). Journey leaders should use it the same way Trek Check is used – when a teen first enters the program. Teens must do Faith Foundation once – no longer is there a Faiths Foundations requirement at the beginning of each year.

Our goal is for new teens to have a clear explanation of the gospel and at the same time to provide a tool for Journey teens to share Christ with their friends.

Also, because of the C-track component to Youth Ministry, you can now purchase both Trek Check and Faith Foundations as singles – though they are still available in packages of 10.

2. We no longer have Main Studies and Electives – but rather ten equal Bible Studies.



Journey groups must choose two books a year for their group members to complete. We changed because after talking to missionaries and leaders across the country we learned that different Journey leaders thought different studies were applicable to their teens and what their teens were facing in life. We wanted to give the leaders the opportunity to choose the studies that best met the needs of the teens in their groups.

*None of the content within these books is changing right now – only covers.

*Because we aren’t changing content, some of these books will still say “Main Study” on the cover until we work through our marked copy. (We want to be good stewards of our finances and not discard books that are up-to-date — except for two words.)

*We have a recommended book for Bible Quizzing each year. If your teens quiz, your first choice must be the recommended Bible Study. This year’s recommended study is God-Colored Glasses. The rotation for the next two years is: 2014-2015 – On the Rock and 2015-2016 – Romans. We are working on curriculum – so the recommended study after that will be a new study.

3. Service and Bible reading requirements will basically remain the same – there are a few small changes in the Bible reading.



All teens, regardless of what Bible study they are in, will read the same Bible books during the same year. Bible Quizzing questions could possibly come from these books.

The listing of Bible books for the year and the leader summary sign-off will be in the Bible studies themselves. The summaries, however, will be on the Web.

We have a concern that teens read a book from the Old Testament and then jump to the New Testament without explanation of where each fits in the Bible timeline. Because of that – Bible summaries will be slightly expanded and will explain how the books fit together. The Bible summaries will be listed (on the Web) in biblical order with Genesis being first and Revelation being last. However, they are also listed according to year.

Again – you can find these on the Awana Youth Ministry website.

*If you have already done God-Colored Glasses, your quizzing teens will need to review it for Bible Quizzing, however, you cannot have your group redo the same study and still have the teens be eligible for the Citation award.  Colleges and universities that offer Citation scholarships require a certain number of verses in order for the teens to be eligible. Redoing a book would cut down on that final number.


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